About Amoy

I am a first-generation American, and my story is one of chasing dreams and creating connections. My immigrant parents worked tirelessly to forge a new life in America after leaving our native Sierra Leone. Settling in Vallejo, California, about 15 miles from the captivating Napa Valley, I glimpsed the life I once could only dream of – the vineyards, the grapevines, and the allure of serenity, wholesomeness, and luxury.

My journey took a significant turn after I earned my MBA and launched "Poptails with Rugie Bee," a platform dedicated to my passion for wines and cocktails. It was during an unforgettable wine tasting in 2017 that the seed of starting my own wine label was planted. I wanted to offer my friends, both near and far, the chance to savor the same exquisite wines and experience the Napa Valley lifestyle that I so loved. Thus, my quest to turn this dream into reality began with dedicated research.

In April 2020, amidst the chaos of the pandemic, my research intensified. I delved deep into the art of winemaking, interviewed the region's finest vintners, and, most delightfully, immersed myself in tastings. Collaborating with my dear friend Kimberley Riberdy, a branding and marketing expert, we gave birth to Amoy Wines.

The name "Amoy" was chosen with great care for its profound meaning – a female name of Jamaican origin signifying "Beautiful Goddess." It perfectly encapsulates what I envisioned Amoy Wines to represent – refinement, elegance, gentleness, and sheer delight. The name also reflects the emotions I aim for our customers to experience while enjoying a glass – a feeling of relaxation, luxury, and pure joy.

It is surreal to see my vision for Amoy come to fruition. Our Amoy Rosé took flight in August 2021, and the Amoy Cabernet Sauvignon made its grand entrance in October 2022. You can discover our wines on our online platform and in select wine bars across California. Our future ambitions involve creating a loving, happy community where people come together over our wines at top restaurants, wine bars, festivals, and social events nationwide.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here's to a future filled with connections, dreams realized, and glasses raised in celebration.


Rugie Bhonopha
Founder and Owner
Amoy Wines